On The Visual Culture of Political Violence

Asymmetric War is a digital-born multi-media publisher covering political violence and strategies of asymmetrical warfare, such as terrorism and insurgencies. Publications deal with questions of international interest today. They will cover ideas and insight from a wide range of disciplines, including international relations, political science, security studies, military history and public administration.


The close examination of the visual culture of political violence advances humanity’s understanding of how our consciousness is shaped by the way we perceive and categorize threats to international security.  Asymmetric War is a response to the urgent societal need for critical thinking on the Arts & Sciences related to historical and contemporary conflict. We explore every aspect of violence and conflict that is ideologically or politically motivated, including (but not limited to) protests, riots, terrorism, insurgency, hacktivism, cyber attacks, nuclear war and genocide.

Patterns of Asymmetric Attack (2019)

Image: Abstract Terror Series

The way we perceive, evaluate and categorize threats in society influences and shapes our consciousness and (re)actions.



An interdisciplinary academic field which seeks to understand the causes of terrorism, how to prevent it as well as its impact in the broadest sense. Terrorism research can be carried out in both military and civilian contexts.



Political violence is an umbrella term referring to ideological or politically motivated violence. Acts of political violence are a means to advance political power, political change or political control.